One-sided advice for school leavers? Blog profile

The Student Room has published a study about the education choices made by over 6,000 school and college leavers and current university students.

Of the respondents, 78% will, or already do, attend university, 7% had not decided what to do, 1% chose to go directly into employment and 1% chose an apprenticeship or vocational qualification.

All three categories (university, employment and vocational training) of respondents ranked "Improve long-term career prospects" highly but for those choosing employment or vocational training instead of university "Earn money" was the main reason given. Similarly, the most common reason for not going to university was "Too expensive".

Should we infer that students felt they made the best choice from the options that they could afford... that university is somehow better than employment or vocational training? Could such a view be influenced by a skew in marketing budgets? Interestingly the study also shows that university events like "Aim Higher" made a significant difference to students' choice about whether to attend university or not.