Resolving grumbles before they grow Blog profile

A learner who has a bad experience for whatever reason might just go home and forget about it. That is probably the best-case scenario for the training provider. The likelihood is, that learner won’t recommend the provider to their friends and colleagues. They might actively discourage others from using the provider and, if they feel strongly about it, they might submit a complaint.

Did you notice two glaring problems with the situation described above? Let’s examine them in turn;

Firstly, the provider does not know about the low-level grumblings, so they have unhappy customers and don’t even know that they need to improve. Maybe they don’t directly collect and use customer feedback, or maybe they don’t do it in an effective way? Perhaps forcing people to complete a survey with a half-size pencil before they can go home at the end of an intense course is not the ideal way to obtain honest and thoughtful feedback? Skillbeat thinks there is a better way.

The second problem is the apparent hurdle rate for submitting a complaint. Why would someone only complain if they feel strongly about the issue? Every person and situation is different but could it be that the process of complaining is just plain hard work? This is bad for the learner because they’re left with the problems that aren’t worth complaining about, and the provider may suffer unnecessary reputation damage by not having the opportunity to address problems faced by busy customers. If only they had discovered Resolver.